About Blacktree Investments

Specialists in Property Management and sale of property in India

In this age of big is better, where impersonal large companies dominate the landscape it is refreshing to see a home grown company the size of Blacktree Investments continue to thrive and attract a loyal client base who value personal service, experienced staff and hands on management. We have a fresh perspective and creative, unique approach to real estate. Blacktree Investments brings ceaselessly can-do attitude and tireless work ethic to every deal that they encounter, which enables them to create the professional, personal experience that real people crave.

Our goal is to provide you with expert, caring, and candid advice throughout one of the most important transactions you will ever make. That is our commitment to you.

Our sensitivity to the marketplace comes from a single yet powerful perspective: India is more than just a market, it’s home.

Blacktree Investments is an independent Buyers’ Agency that assists home buyers and investors find their ideal home or investment property in India. We provide expert assistance in the whole buying process from helping you pick the best suburbs, shortlisting properties through to negotiating the best price.

What we do

  1. Create your “Property Brief” – Get clarity on where to look and what to choose.
  2. Provide Research on the target suburbs and areas – tap into our extensive research capability.
  3. Search and Shortlist suitable properties – Save time as we sort the good from the bad.
  4. Appraise and negotiate – We’ll tell you what it’s really worth then negotiate on your behalf.
  5. Due diligence and exchange – the essential step to protect your interests and beat other buyers to the finish line.

Engaging our services is easy – Just call us today on +91-840-104-1342 to discuss your needs or email us your wishlist/ property brief.